Spooks Events the Ghost Hunts Events Company thrives on being the UK’s top Real Paranormal Investigations company and Real Ghost Hunt Events company. We are bringing to the UK the unique opportunities for Ghost Hunting as Paranormal Investigators and also testing your skills with the Paranormal Challenge. The first in the West Midlands and exclusive to Spooks Events and Ghost Club UK.

ghost nights ghost hunting paranormal events

Traditional Ghost Hunting Events


Spooks Events Ghost Hunt Events

Traditional Ghost Hunting Events working with the Spooks Events Team. Taking part in table tipping , glass divination, seances and much more.

ghost nights ghost hunting paranormal events

Small Group Ghost Hunts


Spooks Events Ghost Hunting

For them that like your traditional ghost hunt just in a smaller group maximum guests 15. A more personal event.
ghost nights ghost hunting paranormal events

Project Haunt


Spooks Events Paranormal Investigations

From the set go you become a paranormal investigator were you use the latest ghost hunting equipment to find paranormal evidence .
ghost nights ghost hunting paranormal events

Private Ghost Hunting Events


Spooks Event Ghost Hunt Events

Want to have your own Private Ghost Hunt Event.  Spooks Events can arrange it for you. For any special occasion, celebrate your night with a difference.

ghost nights ghost hunting paranormal events

Paranormal Challenge


Spooks Events Paranormal Investigations

Spooks Events bring to you the first of its kind. Battle it out as you go head to head in teams to find Paranormal evidence. Who will be the winning team.

ghost nights ghost hunting paranormal events

Project Ghost Hunter


Spooks Events Paranormal Nights

Like the Paranormal Challenge just designed with less people. 2 Ghost Hunting teams going head to head to be the best Paranormal Investigators.

ghost nights ghost hunting paranormal events

Overnight Paranormal Events


Spooks Events Paranormal Nights

Ghost Hunting Equipment based Paranormal Investigations. You are the Ghost Hunter. It’s your night to obtain the Paranormal Evidence.

ghost nights ghost hunting paranormal events

Spooks Events News & Blogs


Spooks Events Ghost Hunts

Keep up to date with all the latest news, updates and Ghost Hunting Equipment with Spooks Events Ghost Hunting Events. Check out our News Page.

ghost nights ghost hunting paranormal events

Spooks Events Gallery


Spooks Events Paranormal Investigations

All our Paranormal Evidence, Real Ghost Pictures, Paranormal EVP’s and Ghosts caught on camera will be uploaded onto our Ghost Gallery. Check this out.


The Spooks Events Ghost Hunting company is going through many changes and re-structuring. We will be back very soon with even more new and exciting Ghost Hunt Events taking shape as real Paranormal Investigations. We aim to provide our guests with a real Paranormal Experience, where you the guest become the Paranormal Investigator. Watch this site for all the new updates and information on the new upcoming Spooks Events Ghost Hunting Company and Paranormal Investigators. Spooks Events enjoys all forms of Ghost Hunting, whether this is Traditional or scientific, nothing beats investigating an historical venue, in the midst of night. Our main aim on any Ghost Hunt Event is to capture evidence of the paranormal. To accomplish this we use a wide range of ghost hunting equipment specifically designed for paranormal research. You can learn more about this equipment on our equipment page.We currently have a wide range of historical properties and buildings which we are able to host our events within. All of these venues have had reputable reporting’s of paranormal activity. Prior to holding an event, we carry out extensive research into the properties history. This includes any historical events that have taken place, families that have occupied the building and most importantly the ghost sightings and activity that has taken place. All the information that we gather can give us a good insight as to why the phenomena is taking place and clues as to who it may be.

Upcoming Ghost Hunt Events

What is Ghost Hunting?

Ghost Hunting is the process of investigating some of the Most Haunted Places that are reported to be Haunted By Ghosts. Typically, a Ghost Hunting Team will attempt to collect evidence claimed to be supportive of Paranormal activity. Ghost Hunters often utilize a variety of electronic equipment, such as the following types: the EMF meter; Digital Thermometer; Thermographic Imagers. Read More on Spooks Events Frequently Asked Questions…..


Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions IMPORTANT please read before booking with Spooks Events

1. We do not accept single sex bookings over groups of four on any Ghost Hunt Event. However, management reserves the right to allow or refuse any bookings, therefore please contact Spooks prior to booking.

2. The minimum age for participants is 18 years old. Due to heritage restrictions we ask that participants are reasonably fit. Some of the locations we visit may also not be suitable for disabled attendees. Please contact us on 07954 609083 to discuss further. Read more of the Spooks Events Ghost Hunting Terms & Conditions…..


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