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We all know the importance of good running shoes, but a quality sock can be the difference between PR and limping at the finish. When choosing a good running sock, you need to make sure it is seamless, absorbs moisture and doesn’t fall off. While we often choose taller socks to make sure we don’t have to get it off the back of the mid-run shoe, there are definitely some socks that aren’t shown. To help you choose, we’ve singled out a few of our favorites. Look below for buying tips and detailed product reviews.

How to choose a running sock

The biggest problem with socks of any length is that you don’t want them to fall off and crash inside your shoes. Although with high socks it is much less of a problem, the closer they are to the show, the more likely you are to fall and cause you discomfort.

If you’re looking for a sock that won’t show up, there are three key things you want to have. The first is a cup on a heel which helps to be formed densely with a silhouette of a heel, without leaving an external fabric. The second is a tab on the heel, which is located above the heel of the shoe and provides an additional pad to prevent friction, and helps keep it from falling inside the shoe. Finally, you will need an arch lock or some compression. This tighter fit will help prevent abrasion, slippage and blistering. Moisture-absorbing materials and a seamless foot area also help with these problems.

How we chose these socks

To find the best options among the many socks that are not shown, we researched the most popular models available. We have found many recommendations in our own testing of socks over the years. We then considered price, materials, strength and compression. Finally, we reviewed over 53,000 reviews written by people who bought these models on Amazon to stop at these eight.

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Hidden comfortable Balega socks

The hidden comfort is similar to vanilla ice cream – basic but comforting and reliably good. It is a medium soft sock and has no compression so it will not feel tight.

Although it does not look like a second skin, the sock will not fall and move due to the heel, and the seamless moisture-wicking material prevents blisters. It comes in lots of fun colors and can transfer you from daily runs to race days.


Balega Ultralight

Ultralights have the same soft feel as hidden comfort, with a more comfortable fit and a slightly smaller volume. They have slightly more compression on the entire foot, as well as an arch lock that helps hold the sock still to the foot, but they tend to be less tight than most compression socks. Because it is lighter, it is great for summer running, and it makes a good racing sock.


Swiftwick MAXUS ZERO

This sock offers the best of both worlds with a super-pillow bottom and a light breathable top. Near the middle of the foot there is some compression that helps to keep from twisting, but it is relaxed in the toe area so that it will not feel pinched and tight. For those who like a little more cushioning, this is a great option to give you more comfort on the sole without compromising air permeability.



If you want to wear a super low racing sock every day, this Swiftwick is for everyone. It sits lower than the ankle than most running socks and you can barely feel it on your foot. There’s not much stretching, which helps prevent slipping, but the material is soft and doesn’t last even during long runs and races. It is the best choice for wearing with spikes because of the tight fit, and the outside of the sock has a small grip that holds it in place.


Running Inji in lightweight

If you are having problems with blisters between your toes, a pair of Injinjis can relieve you of discomfort. They fit like gloves, hugging each finger and not allowing them to rub against each other. While most models sit a little higher, these are real non-arrivals that look like a regular pair of socks in shoes.


Saucony men’s multi-package

$ 14 can be a lot for a pair of socks, but this Saucony package offers six pairs for that price. Even though they won’t have the same quality as a single pair of $ 14 – in general it only speaks of strength – they will still serve you in runs. They have a small tongue that prevents them from falling and they have a light compression in the arch that holds them in place.


High performance Ultra Light features

Another lightweight sock, this pair has slightly more compression than the typical option. They pass tightly through the arch, which prevents slipping and helps support the foot. It has a tab and heel that keep it from falling into the back, and a seamless toe so it doesn’t rub while running.


Features Merino 10 Ultra Light

Wool is a natural material that wicks away moisture, so it works great when it comes to running socks. These features use merino wool, soft, durable and temperature-regulating – that is, warm in winter and cool in summer. They provide compression zones, which means the compression is adapted to where your foot needs it most.

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