CrowdStrike 2021 product and service portfolio review

CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity company that uses its cloud technologies to protect companies’ IT infrastructure.

With nearly 10,000 customers, CrowdStrike is a major player in the cybersecurity market.

Here we review their offers, partnerships, usage options and user feedback.

CrowdStrike cybersecurity portfolio

Here are some of CrowdStrike’s key offerings:

  • Falcon Endpoint Protection Pro: It is a package of next-generation antivirus solutions that is capable of effectively stopping malware through integrated threat analysis and immediate response.
  • Falcon Endpoint Protection Enterprise: This package combines next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection, and managed threat detection, as well as automating threat intelligence in a single agent that ships in the cloud.
  • Falcon Endpoint Protection Premium: This protection plan combines a new generation of antivirus with detection and response to endpoints. By protecting endpoints, customers can prepare for how attacks will actually happen as they point out areas that require attention.
  • Falcon Full: This package combines CrowdStrike threat protection technology with the expertise of a team of experts who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can detect malicious activity in near real time.
  • Wings threat chart: This solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict and prevent modern security threats in real time.

CrowdStrike Partnership

CrowdStrike Affiliate Program

The CrowdStrike affiliate program allows CrowdStrike partners to expand their solutions in real time.

How to become a CrowdStrike partner

Potential partners can fill out a form on the CrowdStrike website begin the process of becoming a partner.

CrowdStrike Partners

CrowdStrike has partners that fall into the following categories:

  • Store partners: They create applications on the CrowdStrike platform to use the data. CrowdStrike store partners include RiskIQ and Exabeam.
  • Technology partners: Technology partners offer solutions that use the CrowdStrike API. CrowdStrike technology partners include zscaler and netskope.
  • Solution Provider Partners: These partners offer either integration or professional services. CrowdStrike solution providers include OPTIV and SIRIUS.
  • Cloud partners: These partners offer endpoint protection for cloud workloads. CrowdStrike cloud partners include AWS and Google Cloud.
  • Service partners: Service partners offer incident support as well as threat search services. They can also offer a full set of security operations running on CrowdStrike.
  • Built-in OEM partners: These partners combine CrowdStrike products and solutions with their own to speed up the time it takes to bring their products to market, and offer great solutions. CrowdStrike’s built-in OEM partners include Beatglass and OPSWAT.

Cases of using CrowdStrike

Education: University of Coventry

Coventry University supports around 40,000 stakeholders worldwide daily. The university has its own device policy, which limits their control over the range of devices that can access their network. This is a complex setup. However, since then CrowdStrike deployment, they managed to reduce the time to address cybersecurity threats from 80 hours over the measurement period to five hours.

Finance: BOB Financial Case Study

BOB Financial Limited has more than 900 employees working in seven different locations. This requires security management and monitoring of user devices. Falcon CrowdStrike platform helps them achieve this in a process of constant growth and digital transformation.

Telecommunications: Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom serves more than 80 million customers in the Philippines. To deal with the threat of cyberattacks, they have adopted an approach focused on where opponents intend to attack. This required a lot of infrastructure and staff. They chose CrowdStrike to support their efforts. With the Falcon platform, they can monitor their 17,400 endpoints and find threats they were previously unaware of.

User reviews about CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike has favorable user ratings and reviews that point to the power of its offerings.

Gartner Peer Insights: 4.9 / 5

Crowd: 9.1 / 10

G2: 4.7 / 5

Recognition of the industry

Crowdstrike is a strong opponent in the cybersecurity industry and has been recognized by Gartner, Forrester and IDC as a leader in modern endpoint security.

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