Spheres: After Labor Day – suggestions for products that make life easier

Fields, Sean

Last Monday, America honored the work by taking a day off. Although it may seem ironic, but what better way to celebrate our work than to relish the fruits of our labor? Like food and shelter, downtime is an important reward for our efforts.

Fields, Sean

Although leisure is an end in itself, I also believe that it is an indispensable tool for more. In fact, I would like to argue that this is the key foundation of the progress of all mankind. Come to think of it, every innovation is driven by our desire to become lazy.

From TV remotes that ease the burden of changing channels, to automatic transmissions that switch our mechanisms, evidence of our motivation to eradicate work is everywhere. Without this laudable desire we would probably still be living in caves. Therefore, in the interests of promoting civilization, I thought it appropriate to write about products that make life easier:

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