This sandwich for breakfast is backed by over 10,000 reviews

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Hamilton beach sandwich for breakfast - Amazon, $ 60

Hamilton beach sandwich for breakfast – Amazon, $ 60

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The morning can be a hassle — and cooking breakfast at home can add even more to your already busy schedule.

Fast food is a simple alternative, but often full of fat and harmful additives, it is not always what you want to get into the habit.

Luckily, we found a gadget that allows you to make delicious (and healthy!) Sandwiches for breakfast at home in just minutes.

This breakfast sandwich on Amazon Canada prepares breakfast sandwiches in just four steps – and it’s backed up by more than 10,000 reviews.

Hamilton beach sandwich for breakfast - Amazon, $ 60

Hamilton beach sandwich for breakfast – Amazon, $ 60

SHOP: Amazon, $ 60

What is it?

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Machine uses four different layers to help cook your breakfast sandwich to perfection. Just choose your bread and pour in eggs, cheese, meat or any ingredient of your choice.

Add any type of bread, such as bagels, English cupcakes or a sponge cake, and then add the meat and cheese to the bottom layer of the sandwich.

The hob serves as a second layer and prepares a fresh egg. Add a second piece of bread to the top layer and let the sandwich cook.

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Once your egg is cooked, you will need to push out the plate from below to assemble your sandwich.

All removable parts are dishwasher safe, and each surface is covered with a durable non-stick coating.

What do people say?

The Hamilton Beach shopping sandwich has a 4.3 star rating with over 10,000 reviews.

“This little car is the best!” – admired one reviewer, who said that he makes sandwiches for breakfast the same as in popular fast food places.

“It’s very convenient,” added another buyer, who added that “it’s very easy to clean” and makes a “wonderful gift”.

“I have recommended this product to anyone who even mentions the word‘ breakfast ’for me,” said another buyer.

However, some buyers have noted that cooking eggs can cause pain in this breakfast maker. One buyer noted that in order to “cook the eggs thoroughly,” you need to “leave them so long that they burn outside.”


If you love a light and quick sandwich for breakfast in the morning, this gadget will be a great addition to your morning routine. However, if for the device there are thousands of positive news, if you are picky in how to cook eggs, you can look for another sandwich for breakfast.

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