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As a cannabis journalist who focuses on product reviews, I try to: a lot weeds. Some strains are impressive, but few are exciting. Weeds these days have become too focused on the wrong aspects of what makes a flower good: insanely high THC percentages and bright buds. And these aspects seem to overshadow almost everything else, which leads to what I like to call “Franken-weed,” which gives you high levels of THC, but that’s all.

I almost never shout from the tops of mountains through a strain of flowers, don’t post fiery stories on Instagram, or hand out nuggets to my snobbish cannabis journalist friends. This has happened several times over the last few years, and a half-ounce jar of Quest by Source Cannabis was one such time.

This weed struck me because it was actually amazing as a medicinal flower of my middle age, to childhood before Prop 64. Whatever explosive its homemade optics were, the tall one was even better. It felt full like a round ball of joy enveloping everything in its path.

When I learned that the brand has existed since 2003, the picture began to focus. In an incredibly heavy market that eats brands for breakfast, being from 2015 is considered a feat. The fact that Source Cannabis has been thriving since 2003 shows that these MFs know exactly what they are doing.

The meticulous process of the Source speaks for itself. It grows its own flower seeds for harvest and offers a selection of unique genetics and seasonal strains, all of which are grown indoors, grown in soil, watered by hand, washed with water for three weeks to ensure maximum clean smoke, and hand-pruned-based structure. strain. The company’s holistic and practical approach to cultivation is evident in the almost perfect flower, all of which is a pure green certificate that is as close as possible to the organic certification that cannabis can obtain.

It also offers the top shelf of hemp in half-ounce jars. This is exciting because ounces are a much better amount of weeds than an eighth of a weed, for obvious reasons. The volume ½ ounce is usually reserved for middle and worst years, so the opportunity to have that amount of this gorgeous flower at the same time is deeply, deeply satisfying.

Let’s talk about my favorite strain of the last few months: Source Cannabis’s Quest. Quest is referred to as “sativa dominant” and is a combination of Chem Sister, Sour Dub and Chocolate Diesel. The strain was created in the Source Cannabis garden and is unique to its lineup. It tests 31.4% of total cannabinoids and 26.4% of THC with dominant terpenes limonene,, caryophyllene, pinene and myrcene.

First impression

Be it my heart – I don’t know if it’s pure bounty jars for half an ounce, or bright sparkling boulders bursting with frosty insanity, but looking at the giant Quest jar – this is my version of looking into the bright white tunnel of eternal life.


One of the things I like about Quest is that every aspect of the flower is stellar. Fragrance is perhaps the most important thing to consider when determining the quality of a flower. The aroma of Quest is bright, pungent and completely intoxicating. Lemon, pine, earthy and sweet, one breath and you will be transported to a pine forest, bathed in the midday sun along the banks of a long cold river, with a lemon garden on the other side.


The flower is primarily sparkling. It is crispy and bright green with dark orange hairs. The structure of the buds is stiffer than that of a traditional sativa, but it seems so inlaid with crystalline cannabinoids that if desired it could not be more loose, falling somewhere between the morning dew on the unopened color and the texture of the diamond broach.


Another good way to measure the quality of flowers is when the smell of the cereal turns to taste when you smoke it, and when that aroma leaves a aftertaste. Quest checks all these boxes with its sweet, lemon, pine, herbal notes, which almost to the end have the effect of eucalyptol.

Inhaling this strain is a delicate, complex and beautiful experience that only nature could create.


As a high-performance stone that uses weeds to work (in addition to everything else), it is the perfect daytime strain. I think it’s especially effective for creatives because of its high combination, which simultaneously energizes, focuses and facilitates. This creates the perfect space to create, giving clarity that is not obscured by anxiety and boredom that make you procrastinate.

“Quest” is the perfect name for this strain because it’s just as good for creativity as it is for adventure. The buzz is alive and well, physically charged with energy and mentally capricious. It is perfect for jogging along the long grass or swimming in the ocean, happy to be present at the moment.


Full disclosure, I’ve been smoking Quest every day every day for about two weeks now, so there’s almost no situation that I haven’t experienced this at the moment. I wake up excited to smoke, which sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Since I’m doing this all the time, let’s disassemble my Quest experience into internal and external.

Internal experience of the quest: I love working after consuming Quest because I enter a whirlpool of focus and creativity where I lose track of everything but the project I’m focused on. Hours fly by, hundreds of words, I check item by item from the to-do list. Suddenly it was already 5pm and I did enough to call for the day.

External Quest Experience: I went far into the mountains of the city I come from, plucking quests from a snowman-shaped bong. It was about an hour before noon. The river was still in the shade of the trees, and the August air was morning. My spine tingled, and the whole word sparked with such excitement that you rarely feel in adulthood. I spent the day alone, wandering the river, listening, pondering and wondering.

Bottom line

Source Quest Cannabis’s Quest is made to help you explore, whether it’s exploring your own mind or the dark side of a distant mountain. Lemon, pine, earthy and sweet, it is an energetic and cerebral experience with a high body that helps increase productivity during waking hours.

The quest makes you go out and experience life. It brings an exciting and hilarious prerogative that obscures feelings such as self-doubt that prevent it from coming true.

The image provided is provided by Source Cannabis / Weedmaps

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